Friday, January 14, 2011

Life is Too Short To Be a Bigot

Hi everyone,

I hope you'll help me make this idea go viral. Feel free to copy exactly what I've said here, or say it in your own words, then post it on your blog or website. Working to be one's healthiest, best self is one thing, but let's refute the notion of the "fat police" that larger people can't be healthy--or at the very least, deserving of the same kindness and respect of all humans. I for one have had it up to here (hand held over the top of the head) with all the heavy hatred and worse, the condoning of said heavy hatred as if it's okay to hurt the feelings of a larger person, that they are somehow not even human.

Here is the situation:
There was a moment on the Californication program where the main character's father tells him that "life is too short to dance with fat chicks." Plus size professional dancer Ragen Chastain blogged about this here
In her post she expresses the wonderful idea that she and the show's star, David Duchovny, ought to dance together on your program to show that life is too short to make assumptions about a person because of their size.
The "fat chick" might just be the most fun person to dance with!

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Illsa Gorrey said...

This was my response to Ragen's post about dancing with David. I hope that my readers, all ten billion of you...what, that's just ten? Oh wait, one tenth? Well, anyway, I hope that all one tenth of you will visit her blog too!

Here's what I said:

I wrote about this here
and linked the post to my Facebook and twitter accounts.
Actually, the statement that "life's too short to dance with fat chicks" makes me very angry. I guess there are some people who go dancing just to get laid, which is probably why I quit going dancing years ago. I go dancing to dance. Why refuse somebody because you don't find them attractive on the surface? I know--in this society, men are not supposed to find "fat chicks" attractive. Lame!

I guess I'm an odd one but I have to like a person's personality before I can find him attractive. I used to think David Duchovny was hot with a capital H, but I kind of soured on him after he cheated on his wife. Like Faycin A Croud said, if he takes you up on this that will redeem him for me because it will show that he is a person with some real class!