Friday, January 14, 2011

Fat Moms Force Feed their Kids McDonald's

Read this post on Fierce Freethinking Fatties and see if the statistics tie your brain in knots like they did mine!
This was my response to the post:

Those statistics make my head spin, but I get the jist of what you're saying! My personal opinion is that McDonald's sucks because its corporate and evil. Like other big corporations (and like the Die-t industry) they do not give a flying shit in a hurricane about anyone's health. But to demonize anyone who may be extremely busy for trying to get food--any food--into their and their family's mouths, is wrong. The convenience of McPukeburger can be a siren song when you just don't have time. I'm not denying that the crap tastes good, but a homemade hamburger patty is better and then you can have two of them! 
I was one of those overworked, underpaid single fat moms that often ended up getting Burger King (my son couldn't abide McDonald's) on the way home from whatever low-paying job I was currently working at the time. As my son got older I learned about the crock pot and casseroles and such. 
I would never demonize anyone who's trying. And by the way, I like those frozen vegetables--including the ones with sauce!