Sunday, December 20, 2009

"It may be worth more than I think," Jillian pondered. "Maybe I could have it declared a landmark. It's certainly been around long enough."

Jillian would just as soon have sold the place without ever setting foot in it, but she wanted to know she was getting the most she could.

Jillian was the last member of her peculiar family remaining alive. Thus, she inherited the decaying old manse. In truth it seemed a burden.

The old place had been built in 1799 by Baber O'Beirne, Jillian's nine times great grandfather. He was rumored to have been an evil warlock.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It really is too damn cold to be going out tonight. So who wants to go to work for me at the Olde Folks Home of Horrors?

I love to entertain people and while I can joke about having to take lithium and even my own illness ripping on the mentally ill aint funny.

Glad I had enough $ to purchase 5-HTP. Went without a couple days and was starting to feel depressed. Want to be DEPRAVED, not depressed!

I don't think Tiger Woods' wife drove him to cheat, I think his sex addiction did. But I can imagine a gruesome story involving golf clubs.

Jillian Waka was determined to find out more about her mysterious family, now that she had inherited the mansion in the swamps of Louisiana.

Onieromancy: a story wherein nightmares had within a sinister old mansion become reality. The house is part waking reality and part dream. I've set up a blog on Blogger to collect my sick little tweets. Come visit!
Not much there yet, but soon!