Friday, January 14, 2011

Almost done drilling and screwing! It's a home improvement project--jeez! You and your dirty minds! thingsthatsounddirtybutarent

In the long run it's probably a good thing that I agreed to take my niece job hunting today. But the inertia of depression ain't down! Tank chair

I have yet to find a good B vitamin supplement that doesn't make me feel like puking after I take it, even with food.

RT @jenuinehealing If Some one doesn't like something about you, it is because you are being a reflection for their own aberations.

Take away the right to say "fuck" and you take away the right to say "fuck the government." ~Lenny Bruce Statistics that Boggle the Mind and the siren song of fast food

Fat Moms Force Feed their Kids McDonald's

Read this post on Fierce Freethinking Fatties and see if the statistics tie your brain in knots like they did mine!
This was my response to the post:

Those statistics make my head spin, but I get the jist of what you're saying! My personal opinion is that McDonald's sucks because its corporate and evil. Like other big corporations (and like the Die-t industry) they do not give a flying shit in a hurricane about anyone's health. But to demonize anyone who may be extremely busy for trying to get food--any food--into their and their family's mouths, is wrong. The convenience of McPukeburger can be a siren song when you just don't have time. I'm not denying that the crap tastes good, but a homemade hamburger patty is better and then you can have two of them! 
I was one of those overworked, underpaid single fat moms that often ended up getting Burger King (my son couldn't abide McDonald's) on the way home from whatever low-paying job I was currently working at the time. As my son got older I learned about the crock pot and casseroles and such. 
I would never demonize anyone who's trying. And by the way, I like those frozen vegetables--including the ones with sauce!

Just having one of those days, as Fred Durst said, when you don't want to wake up, everything is fucked, everybody sucks. Depression sucks!

I hate suicide ideation--which, BTW, is different from suicide planning. Nobody needs to call the Suicide Police & have me committed. At last--a real man!

If shaming people into perfection worked, wouldn't the world already be perfect?

Guess I should have something to eat and take my meds. Sometimes I hate my life. Like every time I have to pop these damn pills. Life is Too Short to Be a Bigot Please help me make this go viral

Life is Too Short To Be a Bigot

Hi everyone,

I hope you'll help me make this idea go viral. Feel free to copy exactly what I've said here, or say it in your own words, then post it on your blog or website. Working to be one's healthiest, best self is one thing, but let's refute the notion of the "fat police" that larger people can't be healthy--or at the very least, deserving of the same kindness and respect of all humans. I for one have had it up to here (hand held over the top of the head) with all the heavy hatred and worse, the condoning of said heavy hatred as if it's okay to hurt the feelings of a larger person, that they are somehow not even human.

Here is the situation:
There was a moment on the Californication program where the main character's father tells him that "life is too short to dance with fat chicks." Plus size professional dancer Ragen Chastain blogged about this here
In her post she expresses the wonderful idea that she and the show's star, David Duchovny, ought to dance together on your program to show that life is too short to make assumptions about a person because of their size.
The "fat chick" might just be the most fun person to dance with!

And pass this on!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

RT @jenuinehealing Do Animals Have Feelings? via @AddToAny The fanatical wisdom of Sarah Palin This lady makes good, easy recipes. Check her out! Incendiary rt wing propaganda drawing out gun nuts?

RT @breastcanceraid Hope never abandons you> you abandon it. --George Weinberg

RT @ScottSKOMO: Incredible video of ice spears raining down off TV tower onto employee cars in Mississippi --

Star Trek The Next Generation reruns. Captain Picard time! Make it so!

RT @robdelaney Pretty cool to think that in the future we won't have to wear pants anymore because we're dead. X-D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 to brave the elephants! Er...elements. TSA Humor These insensitive gits at TSA subject people to unnecessary humiliation.

RT @downwithtyranny Of course Chucky K doesn't want us talking about the climate of hate, his livelihood depends on it

Things to do tomorrow: take farsighted self to optometrist and get some effing glasses! Either that or longer arms!

I have 8 cats. F**k anyone who brutalizes cats! May they be shredded to ribbons by the Cats of Ulthar and then face Bast for further abuse. This makes me so angry! Please boycott this show.

F**k everything, I'm going to go get some Little Caesar's pizza. It'll last me a couple days. I really don't eat right when home alone.

buck up or stay in the truck? Really? there are people who would follow this propaganda-preachin' beauty queen's lead right off the cliff. Palin Made Me Do It: The art of Brandt Hardin Palin did not cause the AZ tragedy, but she is deliberately inflammatory.

Guess I'll eat some non dream food and get to work around the sty. I am not what you'd call an "immaculate housekeeper."

Noooo! I hate when I dream of delicious food that only exists in the dream world! Wm. Rivers Pitt's open letter to the far right Tom Tomorrow on the AZ incident Next step: "full cavity search! I'm talkin' roto rooter!"

F**k Ping! I swear if you forget to refresh after not using it for 10 minutes it gives you a "Posting error, give it another shot" message.

And Everything Else Too

I hope my regular readers (all 1/2 of you) will visit And Everything Else Too. It is a beautiful blog. And this post inspired the following rant. No, don't worry, it isn't me going off on a big pissy tangent. It's actually pretty positive!

My late grandpa had a few of these sorts of things thrown in with his vintage Playboy and Life Magazine collections. Playboy was sure a different beast in the 50's and 60's than it is today. The pictures were really art. Today it's just a bunch of generic beaver shots. Sorry to go off on a tangent, I was just thinking of the differences between Granddad's vintage collection of items such as these travel brochures and today's blatant "in your face" approach. I know which I prefer! Ahhh! The Good Old Days of Nuclear Threat!

Ah, the Good Old Days of Nuclear Threat

At last! Missile Command is going to be made into a movie! But as Faycin A. Croud points out, they're about 25 years too late for it to have a truly hard-hitting impact and sear mushroom clouds into everyone's nightmares. 
As children of the Cold War, Faycin and I can remember wondering if we'd make it out of childhood or if the two superpowers would go looney toons on each other's ass and launch all the nukes, eliminating life on Earth in a big fireball. I have "nuke dreams" when I'm under a lot of stress. I'm always the one that inadvertently launches the nuke. Usually there isn't a lot of death, but there is a great deal of destruction, and it's all my fault.
Will Illsa Gorrey be the one to start an ineffective but somewhat destructive nuclear war? Maaaaaybe! I kind of feel a story coming on!

RT @abc Facebook Cad Uses Dead Soldier's Picture to Dupe Women: Now that's adding insult to injury!

If queen beast comes to me w/o terrorizing Kitty, she gets petted. If she goes after Kitty & forces her under couch, she gets squirted.

Harmless method of training cat that cat will hate: squirt bottle. Training burly queen beast not to terrorize newest rescue kitty.

Good morning sickos.