Monday, November 22, 2010

Bring Manufacturing Power Back to the U.S.

RT @abcnews Cadmium, Lead Found in Children's Drinking Glasses
And, of course, the glasses were made in China. So not a surprise.

I am not hating on the Chinese people as an entity. But the government is corrupt and there are very few controls on manufacturing. Human and animal rights are both close to non-existent. Dogs and cats are skinned alive and used for fur. Toxic substances are allowed in food and items such as the drinking glasses named above in obscene amounts.
It is not like the United States is perfect. The fact that monosodium glutamate, a substance which causes moderate to severe intolerance reactions in many people is generally regarded as safe because its putting money into someone's pocket attests to that. But there are a modicum of controls and protective laws in place. 
Why does the U.S. continue to import so many items from China rather than manufacturing them ourselves? It seriously cannot be that much cheaper. We should be buying such items from U.S. companies. We need to begin manufacturing our own goods again. Not only would this allow for better quality control but it would create jobs, which would boost the economy.
We as consumers can also take the small step of trying to be sure that the majority of goods that we buy are grown or made in the United States. We can also take the further step of supporting our own communities by buying locally produced and manufactured goods as much as possible. This cuts down on shipping costs which reduces air pollution and boosts the local economy.
I know that this is supposed to be a horror fiction blog, but our current economy is a huge horror story.